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February 2017                                                               

Fights in Fiction

Presenter: Merien Grey

Dates: February 1-28, 2017


Fights are like making love as far as evoking emotion. If done properly, a reader can tell more about a character in those few minutes than you can in several paragraphs or even chapters worth of backstory. This class is to give authors insight into the various story-enhancing opportunities they have when using weapons and in fight scenes. Teaching authors to present more than just the glint of a blade or sizzle or rasp of a sword being drawn and showing them how to research and exploit all the aspects of confrontations to add as many emotion invoking tools to their writers tool box to create detailed realistic fiction.

Instead of being a class based on how to punch or shoot this class is based on first hand information from police, soldiers, emergency room workers, and fighters on what it feels like to be hit, shot, knocked unconscious, etc. It lets authors know how the person being hit feels before and after being injured along with a little bit of emergency first aid that would be appropriate in a a scene.


Merien has multiple degrees specializing in Anthropology, Sociology, English and Communications Technology. She spent a decade traveling the world as a military intelligence analyst learning and observing all manner of people and their behavior. Before becoming an author and speaker, her occupations ranged from soldier to bartender to a 911 operator for police, fire and medical aid. The last few years she been an active volunteer with several RWA chapters, to include board member, board liaison and conference committee chair positions. She has used that time to gain an understanding of literary culture and to teach about her experiences before she became published in romance fiction. Her debut release is currently scheduled for Fall 2016. Merien lives in the shadow of Mount Rainier with her husband, two dogs and a little one who rules the land with an iron hand at least until bedtime.


Cost for the workshop is $20 (USD). You do not have to be an RWA member or a members of NEORWA to take our workshops!


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If a workshop does not have 10 students enrolled by the cut-off date, the workshop may be canceled, and the participant can either receive a refund or be enrolled in another workshop of the participant’s choice.


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