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August 2014

Workshop: Ripped From the Yellowed Headlines: Historical Criminals and Criminal Cases

INSTRUCTOR: Beth Daniels, aka Beth Henderson, J.B. Dane

WHEN: August 4th through August 29th

WORKSHOP: Looking for some historical inspiration when you sit down to plan and write your next mystery? Why not take a leaf from the notebook of many contemporary mystery and thriller authors and look to the headlines for ideas to mine?

Historical headlines, that is.

During the 4 weeks of this workshop we’ll visit famous, infamous, and little known dastardly tales of murderers, thieves, and other nefarious sorts. We’ll also look at ways to ferret out information on other crimes, or follow the details of a trial, or even understand thieves cant (slang). Along the way we’ll touch bases with highwayman Dick Turpin and other holdup artists, murders infamous (Jack the Ripper, Lizzie Borden) to those nearly forgotten because the body count was low, to con artists, pickpockets, prostitutes, jewel thieves, and other criminal types.

All real folks, all real crimes. So step right up for an information filled month of historical mischief and mayhem.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR:When wearing her Beth Henderson hat, Beth Daniels has had a number of storylines that worked in the holiday extravaganzas of December: RING IN THE NEW (originally published as NEW YEAR’S EVE) and SEDUCING SANTA both reveled in the season while MR ANGEL finished off under a gaily decorated tree. While she hasn’t considered Halloween personally, she is laying claim to guys in bunny suits for a Spring story, so hands off Pete Rabbit!

Beth Daniels currently writes or has written under a lot of names (Beth Henderson, Lisa Dane, Beth Cruise, J.B Dane, Nied Darnell…oh, and as herself). She has worked with editors at Berkley, Zebra, Leisure, Harlequin/Silhouette, and Simon and Schuster's Aladdin Paperbacks, done e-books for a now defunct company (not her fault, she says), and began her writing life with hardcover books slated for library use with a publisher that got out of the romance business (again, not her fault). More recently she’s had a number of articles about writing picked up by e-zines, saw a short story published in a mystery and suspense magazine that turned up its toes the next year (really, really not her fault), and has a story (“The Dragon’s Tale”) in the MOTHER GOOSE IS DEAD anthology from Damnation Books. She is the author of WRITING STEAMPUNK and SO YOU WANT TO WRITE A NOVEL. And the co-author of LOVING TRIXIE FINE, a Babyboomer contemporary romantic mystery adventure fantasy.

For over a dozen years Beth taught college level composition, both in the classroom and online, and a credit course on Novel Writing. Now she puts her history degree, rather than the English one, to work ferreting out facts about life in Britain and America, then spinning the details off into workshops and in-progress non-fiction tomes. Oh, yes, she also writes novels. In fact, twenty-eight of Beth’s novels have appeared in print and/or e-book format, and in 12 different languages in over 20 countries. Visit her website: www.Romance And Mystery?.com


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