Drum Roll Please…

NEORWA is pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 Cleveland Rocks Romance Contest:

Contemporary Long Romance

1st Place: Christina Hovland  –  Things I Wish I’d Done**

2nd Place: Kelly Duff  – Tame My Racing Heart*

3rd Place: Monique Headley – Know When to Run

Contemporary Short Romance

1st Place: Betsy Gray  –  Love on the Books

2nd Place (tie): Jessie Gussman  – What He Wants
2nd Place (tie): Jessie Gussman  –  Take Me Away

4th Place: Jessie Gussman  –  Just Jump

Historical Romance

1st Place: Celeste de Sales  – Miss Bryson Heads For A Fall*

2nd Place: Mary-Teresa Heath  –  At Bealtaine’s Bidding**

3rd Place: Audrey Abbott Iacone  – As Long as I Have Breath*

Paranormal Romance

1st Place: Raewyn Bright  – Demon Curse

2nd Place: Lisa Knight  –  Praetorian Rising

3rd Place: Windy Jacobs Millwood  –  Amata


1st Place: Linda Olson, w/a Elinor Aspen  – The Accidental Grand Tourists

2nd Place: Tara September  –  Mine to Five

3rd Place: S.E. White  –  Love Letters 

Mainstream with Strong Romantic Elements

1st Place: Mary Sutton w/a Claudia Blood – Book of Secrets

2nd Place: Wendi Dass  – Bella Cigna

3rd Place: Deb Merino  –  Scratch Line

 Young Adult/New Adult

1st Place: C. R. Grissom  –  Mouthful

2nd Place: Tara Harlow  –  Risking Riley

3rd Place: Christina Crayn  –  Tales from the Virgin Vault-Thirty Days*

CONGRATULATIONS TO TARA HARLOW, the 2017 June Lund Shiplett Award winner! This award is presented to the NEORWA member with the highest first round score.

*Received a request from an agent or editor

**Received two requests



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